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The author (Jill Smith) has over 20 years of experience in care training and providing care staff for Domiciliary and Residential home care.

How to provide elderly personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is an issue for the elderly people, due to illness or bad health. When elderly people are unable to take care of day to day routine of personal hygiene, they need assistance from another individual. It is necessary to set up a daily routine for the personal hygiene of any elderly person you are entrusted with.

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It is essential to build up trust with the elderly person that you are responsible for caring. You can talk them through the routine you will be setting up for their daily care and hygiene, the first few times.

This will help them to know what to expect and may help them relax a bit. Most elderly people are reluctant to let someone else administer their personal hygiene. It gives them a sense of being dependent and having lost their dignity. This may cause them to react angrily or verbally abuse the caregiver. This is understandable under the circumstances, and one can try to see their point of view to appreciate what they are going through. Therefore, a lot of patience and understanding is required to administer personal hygiene to the elderly.

If you would like to know more about personal hygiene and how to provide personal hygiene to elderly people either at home or at a residential care home, learn to become a carer, a home study course is must. The course offers compressive study for those who want to know everything about elderly personal hygiene at home or residential care home.

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